Sieve Support for Dovecot


Checking the PGP signature is always a good idea, especially nowadays when so many software packages have been trojaned. All releases are signed with public key 3DFBB4F4 (full signature: 42F3 CD50 D4F2 5A41 833B EE37 04D6 2B1E 3DFB B4F4), which can be found at


Instructions for upgrading from earlier versions of Dovecot Sieve and CMUSieve.

Instructions for upgrading from earlier versions of Dovecot ManageSieve.

Stable releases

Old stable releases

Sieve and ManageSieve for ancient Dovecot releases

Up until Dovecot v1.2, Pigeonhole was distributed in separate packages for Sieve and ManageSieve and a patch to modify Dovecot to recognize the external ManageSieve service. The Pigeonhole Sieve implementation is only available for Dovecot v1.2 and higher, so older Dovecot installations must use the old CMUSieve plugin.




Older releases

Git repository

You can get the latest development code from the Git repository. Note that since it's constantly in development, it may be more or less broken.

The following repositories are available:

Old Mercurial repository

The old Mercurial repository website still hosts many of the repositories for older releases and plugins.

The following repositories are available:

You can update these later with:
hg pull
hg update


The latest Mercurial revisions of the Sieve interpreter include plugin support. Currently, the following plugins are under development and provided separately: